Windsong WIP

Ok just a wip shot of my final room project....

Final arcade

Ok finished the arcade, had to delete a lot of it and probably still broke the tri count limit...oh well, I had fun.

Arcade High Detail

Some initial renders of part of the arcade machine I'm working on. And a photo of the original reference machine.

Bowling ball return

Just some renders of a bowling ball return I'm working on for a project.

Steve Studies

I told a friend of mine that I would work on turning him into a video game character. I was having issues getting motivated to be creative and do homework so I started drawing just to get going and realized I had forgotten to work on my friends character design.

This here is just a few sketches from my sketch book, some face studies, ear studies, mouth studies, etc...

The ultimate plan would be to concept an entire character and then model it in 3D.


Quick modeling of the tiki statue with some basic lighting.

tiki island concepts

Doing a quick tiki island concept for school...attempting to do the entire thing in just about 4-5 hours including sketches and quick 3d modeling.

Miro Underhill

Ok so...for those who have actually played my game Darklife, this here is the Magical equipment vendor in town. I sort of fudged the final submission for this assignment but I think I have a decent start at a concept here...

Character design1

Working on a character concept for project is the first attempt.

Fly bastard

So I was cooking one day when  a fly started buzzing around my head, after unsuccessfully swatting at it a few times I decided I was going to grab a kitchen towel I had sitting there and use it to squash it when it landed...little did I know that I had placed a rather small very sharp knife inside the towel...long story short I cut my hand open and bled all over my kitchen trying to kill a fly. I don't know anyone else who has stabbed themselves trying to kill a fly..

Blog bible, Blog Rockstar

Knocked out a 3d model of an aging book for a friend of mine's blog.  though he will probably use it on a different website..

Chiroptera Segmentata

Final combination of the 3 animals I picked for project5 in my Art2 class.

Creature assignment

So im combining creatures in a new assignment this week for is a study on one of the animals I chose. The Alligator Snapping Turtle!

Darklife is on Facebook

Created a fan page on facebook for Darklife, the game I co-own/art direct for. Hope to fix it up soon and add details etc. The game is pretty much in beta right now....though it's sort of been stuck that way for almost 7 years haha. Myself and the other developers are alot more equipped now and are about done with college so I foresee major updates soon.

If your an SL'er feel free to drop by our sim Navora and say hi! also look me up, Crash Prefect :)

Darklife editing_roads

Working on this a bit, receiving crits from the good people over at

I removed the road decals, going to work up the bulidings to put bases under them to emphasize the cobblestone as pathways rather than blanket flooring...

Darklife editing

Decided to add to darklife yesterday, working on some vendors as well thinking maybe people would like to sell things on the sim.

also I think the streets look too prefab/toyset...too perfect. I rounded the corners out but that didn't help...


Decided I want to just upload a drawing everyday...see how long I can keep this up haha. 

*School schedule might not permit this...*


Working on a vehicle concept for bytegang...hopefully get it modeled once I finish this weeks homework assignment...