Character design1

Working on a character concept for project is the first attempt.

Fly bastard

So I was cooking one day when  a fly started buzzing around my head, after unsuccessfully swatting at it a few times I decided I was going to grab a kitchen towel I had sitting there and use it to squash it when it landed...little did I know that I had placed a rather small very sharp knife inside the towel...long story short I cut my hand open and bled all over my kitchen trying to kill a fly. I don't know anyone else who has stabbed themselves trying to kill a fly..

Blog bible, Blog Rockstar

Knocked out a 3d model of an aging book for a friend of mine's blog.  though he will probably use it on a different website..

Chiroptera Segmentata

Final combination of the 3 animals I picked for project5 in my Art2 class.