Comicon Challenge 2011

So I'm entering my first official competition over at

The theme for this year is to take a comic book character and change their gender or put them into another universe or genre or a combination of both gender change and universe change.

I chose Medieval Joker.

Todays daily sculpt was to mark the day of my first competition. [8.13.11]

banner image shamelessly stolen from the gameartisans website and is I assume owned by them. Was a cool image...

Personal Sculpting Challenge

So I decided I need to sculpt "SOMETHING" once a day. I'll post them to this page as I complete them, hopefully I can get to them every day but if I get behind I'll keep track and try to catch up as I can. Perhaps I can keep this up for 30 days at least.

note: I'm doing all of these in a free program called Sculptris over at

We'll see how this goes!
ClockWork Rhino

BirthdayCake (happy birthday to meeee!)
Hand Study 1
The Joker Face 2
Old Man Mario Blooper
The Joker Face
Zombie Kitty
Mytho Cyclops
AntiBug Man

Art, creation, physics, the universe

So I'm in a physics class and I was reading my text book earlier when I had a realization based on something I'd always thought about but could never pin point what it was I was feeling.

I realized that what I am to do in life is to inspire others who are capable of creating something that I am not capable of doing myself. I will use my artistic and creative mind to suggest and imagine things that someone out there can take farther than I ever could.

I am thinking if I could make film, post illustrations or create games, give speeches, mingle with scientists and physicists and doctors or whoever else has the training and knowledge and know-how to make happen what it is I am seeing in my mind. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, I’ve done this with programmers for years in game design. I think up features and write it down in what I later was told is called “pseudo code”. Perhaps there is a “pseudo schematic” or “pseudo blueprint” that can be created via my own understanding of the universe and the way things work.

Literature and film has been doing this for years, I just listened to Astro Physicist Michio Kaku say that the film 2001 space odyssey inspired him to imagine an easier way to explore the universe via robotic probes that could recreate themselves as they land on moons. Video games have inspired military processes and technology like this as well.

Why couldn’t I spend my life from here on out imagining someone taking my idea, no matter how fantastical or strange it might be…and advancing society in some way with whatever it is I’m creating…why not…

I will have to keep this in mind as I advance in my career. I always believed that I was meant to do something other than just create art, that my being a designer had some sort of significance besides just for creating art. Maybe this is it…