My first game courtesy of StencylWorks (demo)

I'm trying to teach myself game programming in "Stencylworks" over at
I worked on some tutorials for a couples days here and there off and on and today I sat down and hacked together a bunch of assets from their marketplace to make this simple platformer with only two screens and no enemies or anything...but the walking and screen changing and jumping works as well as sound trigger so...I'm proud of myself for getting THIS far. once I get the game figured out and coded I'll get to work replacing all the placeholder art...also the entire thing took less than 20 minutes to throw together during a break from my school work and "work" work. You can play my demo below, assuming I haven't deleted it from my drive.

Newgrounds Game jam 6

Decided to enter a game development competition on newgrounds this weekend that involved a random theme and random team members with various experience in FLASH with the entire game required to be developed in a single weekend.

The theme was hallucinations and I had a decent team, the coder was VERY young and unfortunately didn't have much experience and wasn't even available to help the first few days so we didn't finish in time/at all. (All that coupled with my not having used flash since 2006)

Had a good time actually working on a game though and will perhaps finish this soon, it was a good attempt and I made a few friends, also might start getting more involved in animation again. Good stuff!

On another side note we got to use something called PIPELINE, an amazing collaboration tool that I highly suggest to anyone.

Here is a link to pipeline:

Was worth a try!

Gameartisans mini Comp 1 of 6 paths

I finished my first competition entry over at Quillum the Chicken Thief (Spy)

voting page is here:

Quite a few amazing submissions on that page, I have my work cut out for me to catch up with them all!

Oddworld Inhabitants

Oddworld munch's oddysee came out 10 years ago...

I've always had a love of characters, organic creations in games, personalities. This is why I became a character artist, love love love it. Oddworld Inhabitants was one of those companies that assured me I wouldn't have to remake the same tony hawk model or football player over and over again, that sometimes...something unique happens.

I'm really happy to see that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is coming to the playstation network, even though I don't personally have a PS3.

Most mornings I jump into photoshop or maya or zbrush and do a quick practice model/sketch/painting, no more than an hour usually less.

This morning when I saw Oddworld Inhabitants post about Munch I decided to do a quick sculpt, very busy with school at the moment so I had to step away from it momentarily...but here is the work in progress shot. Hopefully I can get him all sculpted up and textured/retopologized correctly.

Again, if you are not a fan of these games I hope you at least appreciate the life and personality the company breathed into them.

Maybe I'll get to work on an amazing title like Oddworld some day but for now...back to work!

Zombie Art

I recently did a photo manipulation of myself as a zombie...

So a good friend of mine put me in his show as a cameo this month. (Link to the teaser episode at the end of this post)

Pictured here is my cameo:

Anyone else getting into cool zombie art??

now go watch my friends halloween episode with ME in it!

Level 20-Something

Decided to start doing my own versions of known video game characters/enemies/monsters etc.

here is a creeper from minecraft, I may or may not finish it with texturing etc...

BlueAnt variation

So I was told the Antman was too "creepy" or "mean" so I worked on a happier more kid friendly version.

Turnaround video on my youtube channel:

My first real Game Character

Ok so this wasn't for a game technically, it's for secondlife which doesn't even support normal maps so the included normal map in this blog post was just to show I can make them and because it makes me look cool I guess...

So this is AntMan! My first mesh avatar in secondlife and first game character period...

Video link to my youtube page at the bottom :)

Comicon Challenge 2011

So I'm entering my first official competition over at

The theme for this year is to take a comic book character and change their gender or put them into another universe or genre or a combination of both gender change and universe change.

I chose Medieval Joker.

Todays daily sculpt was to mark the day of my first competition. [8.13.11]

banner image shamelessly stolen from the gameartisans website and is I assume owned by them. Was a cool image...

Personal Sculpting Challenge

So I decided I need to sculpt "SOMETHING" once a day. I'll post them to this page as I complete them, hopefully I can get to them every day but if I get behind I'll keep track and try to catch up as I can. Perhaps I can keep this up for 30 days at least.

note: I'm doing all of these in a free program called Sculptris over at

We'll see how this goes!
ClockWork Rhino

BirthdayCake (happy birthday to meeee!)
Hand Study 1
The Joker Face 2
Old Man Mario Blooper
The Joker Face
Zombie Kitty
Mytho Cyclops
AntiBug Man

Art, creation, physics, the universe

So I'm in a physics class and I was reading my text book earlier when I had a realization based on something I'd always thought about but could never pin point what it was I was feeling.

I realized that what I am to do in life is to inspire others who are capable of creating something that I am not capable of doing myself. I will use my artistic and creative mind to suggest and imagine things that someone out there can take farther than I ever could.

I am thinking if I could make film, post illustrations or create games, give speeches, mingle with scientists and physicists and doctors or whoever else has the training and knowledge and know-how to make happen what it is I am seeing in my mind. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, I’ve done this with programmers for years in game design. I think up features and write it down in what I later was told is called “pseudo code”. Perhaps there is a “pseudo schematic” or “pseudo blueprint” that can be created via my own understanding of the universe and the way things work.

Literature and film has been doing this for years, I just listened to Astro Physicist Michio Kaku say that the film 2001 space odyssey inspired him to imagine an easier way to explore the universe via robotic probes that could recreate themselves as they land on moons. Video games have inspired military processes and technology like this as well.

Why couldn’t I spend my life from here on out imagining someone taking my idea, no matter how fantastical or strange it might be…and advancing society in some way with whatever it is I’m creating…why not…

I will have to keep this in mind as I advance in my career. I always believed that I was meant to do something other than just create art, that my being a designer had some sort of significance besides just for creating art. Maybe this is it…

8 bit female characters bust

Entering the sculpting challenge over at again. This week was side kicks. Following week is favorite female characters. 

I had to look pretty hard to find female characters that were from 8 16 or 32 bit video games.

(Note: the order of these does not imply importance or favorites)

1. Princess Zelda from Legend of Zelda

2. Princess Peach from mario bros

3. Samus Aran from metroid

4. Kootiepie Koopa from Mario bros 3

5.  Misty from Pokemon

6. Lucca from Chrono Trigger (back from the last list)

7. Elaine Marley from Monkey Island

8. Julia from Zombies Ate My Neighbors

9. Morrigan from Darkstalkers

10. Felicia from Darkstalkers

11. Sonya from Mortal Kombat

12. Sindel from Mortal Kombat

13. Sheeva from Mortal Kombat

There were more but I wanted to simplify this list a bit. More specifically there were multiple characters from MK that were basically the same person but colored differently.

I don't have to start on this till the weekend so some help in choosing would be AWESOME!
Keep in mind this will be a bust so mid chest up, some characters lend themselves to that sort of sculpture a bit more than others...

thanks everyone!

Michael "Crash" Adams


I decided on Morrigan Aensland as I got a few requests for her.

here is a work in progress shot using a new program I've never used before to sculpt with...