Zbrush ahoy!

Working on getting back into Zbrush for school this week. here is my initial start on modeling my own head...

Zombie concepts

Just some zombie concepts i did this afternoon...........

Blind Justice

ugh, I was resisting talking about this at all, I just found out about the Casey Anthony thing yesterday. what this case reminds me of is that "Justice is blind" remembering that statue with the scales. If you are a lawyer or a police officer or a judge or whatever other career involved in law you will sometimes have to do things you feel is wrong just because the law says you have to (Such as letting someone go that you believe is guilty or even putting someone in jail you believe is innocent, both things I have personally witnessed).

From what I can tell this case was tried in court exactly the way it was supposed to, and was delivered a verdict according to what should be done considering the exact wording of every applicable law.

Do I believe she was innocent? My opinion is irrelevant. The law says she couldn't be judged guilty.

 I am personally unable to witness violence of any kind without feeling ill, I can't even hunt and even fishing makes me slightly queezy...violence against people let alone children is hard for me to even think about so reading too closely into this case was difficult. As far as law goes, I trust the judgement of the individuals who's jobs it is to carry out it's enforcement but it scares me a bit how easily one can be judged for something one did not do.

I refuse to judge people if I can help it...I am just as disturbed by people crying out for blood as I am about the crime being spoken of. I spent some time in the military in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and I was equally saddened by what our forces were forced to do against people who I was also disturbed with for what they were doing. Violence against others outside of a humorous or *horseplay* ie wrestling/video games setting is unnecessary and stupid at all times.

reference: Photo taken from Photo.net

Minecraft Adventure Update (Thanks Mojang!)

If you haven't played Minecraft for whatever reason, go and get it now and build stuff! But if building isn't your thing than this upcoming update will make the game so much more enticing for all you adventurers.  Check out the official Minecraft blog for more info and go play the game for yourself! I've personally been burned out on the game lately and this update will draw me back in for sure.

enough about me, go go go!

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