My first game courtesy of StencylWorks (demo)

I'm trying to teach myself game programming in "Stencylworks" over at
I worked on some tutorials for a couples days here and there off and on and today I sat down and hacked together a bunch of assets from their marketplace to make this simple platformer with only two screens and no enemies or anything...but the walking and screen changing and jumping works as well as sound trigger so...I'm proud of myself for getting THIS far. once I get the game figured out and coded I'll get to work replacing all the placeholder art...also the entire thing took less than 20 minutes to throw together during a break from my school work and "work" work. You can play my demo below, assuming I haven't deleted it from my drive.

Newgrounds Game jam 6

Decided to enter a game development competition on newgrounds this weekend that involved a random theme and random team members with various experience in FLASH with the entire game required to be developed in a single weekend.

The theme was hallucinations and I had a decent team, the coder was VERY young and unfortunately didn't have much experience and wasn't even available to help the first few days so we didn't finish in time/at all. (All that coupled with my not having used flash since 2006)

Had a good time actually working on a game though and will perhaps finish this soon, it was a good attempt and I made a few friends, also might start getting more involved in animation again. Good stuff!

On another side note we got to use something called PIPELINE, an amazing collaboration tool that I highly suggest to anyone.

Here is a link to pipeline:

Was worth a try!