Coon and Friends Facebook Banners

Watched the "Coon and Friends" episodes of South Park again and I decided to make a series of facebook banners out of the illustrations they use during the episodes with Cthulhu. (Btw Cthulhu is detected by awesome is that)

Watch South Park at

aaaand here they are.

Zee Captain is MOST Trendy

I just wanted to do up a quick blog post about a web comic I have been following for quite awhile and have always been rather impressed by. Romantically Apocalyptic! It's like if Ford Prefect had written a web comic for the guide rather than just bland field research...I would love to see any other projects the minds behind this series would care to tackle, be it film or video games or an entire book...

Rather than just tell my friends on facebook about it I decided to make up a bunch of facebook timeline banners themed from actual art from the webcomics and pass them around to my friends and use one myself. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Now go! Check out the comic, Zee Captain commands you!

Game artisans (Aftermath) Challenge

I didn't want to bother posting anything till I was closer to being finished but I just spent over 2 days on a single drawing and I've never done that it is, still not 100% happy with it but oh well, must move onto sculpting it.

Dead island android wallpaper

I haven't had a cell phone in over 2 years, I finally broke down and got one when I saw this android phone with a really nice plan. (not going into details on here but it was great for me). I had just picked up 2 copies of Dead Island for a friend and I to play off steam so I decided to commemorate my new phone with a dead island wallpaper. I rotoscoped a zombie from a screenshot and snagged an environment and the logo off the website.

 The zombie android I found on a site that didn't provide details as to the original artist so I'll just provide the link here. (will have to suffice for credit to the original artist)
 zombie droid:

 The exact phone is Samsung Intercept for Virgin Mobile so if you have that phone this wallpaper will fit fine, unsure about other phone screen resolutions. Feel free to snag this, I'm sure with mild tweaking it should work fine on other android phones.

 Also I'm crashprefect on steam if you'd like to play some dead island! and now I'm off to slice up some zombies...