Power Claw Concept

Got a request for a claw concept based off of the "Ork" "powa klaw" from warhammer 40k.

getting there...


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Oh boy, I didn't think I'd be doing this but I'm blogging about other bloggers...but in my defense they are amazing artists and I just want people to be inspired by them like I have. After all, that is why I became an artist in the first place.

This is Puglypixel...I'll let you experience her work first hand, tutorials and photography, and graphic design. One of her tutorials helped me place a custom navigation bar on my blog here which I'll post a link to at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Puglypixel!

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Andre Jolicoeur Illustration

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I was perusing the minecraft forums for a texture pack to check out, I don't necessarily play Minecraft all that often but I occasionally feel the need to check out mods and textures people have come up with. While searching I found a texture pack by mr Andre Jolicoeur called "Jolicraft" Further investigation led me to his website and facebook page. I won't post much more about it here so you can see his work for yourself. I was so impressed I had to blog about it! Hah!

He makes me want to paint more...and I hope maybe he can inspire others who see this blogpost as well.The link at the top of this post goes to his website, I highly urge anyone reading this to go check it out. Below is a link to his Minecraft texture pack as well.

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Unity3D game engine

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Ok so I've had multiple friends try to talk me into using Unity in the past. It's basically a game development engine that can publish to multiple systems, PC, MAC, android, iOs, etc....

I've read about Unity for years and watched most of the tutorial videos. Decided to do a quick prop based on an old target that the Police like to use. Below is a screenshot of the Unity editor with unity bootcamp game map loaded with my prop placed and a picture of the original target I based my texture on.

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