Newgrounds Game jam 6

Decided to enter a game development competition on newgrounds this weekend that involved a random theme and random team members with various experience in FLASH with the entire game required to be developed in a single weekend.

The theme was hallucinations and I had a decent team, the coder was VERY young and unfortunately didn't have much experience and wasn't even available to help the first few days so we didn't finish in time/at all. (All that coupled with my not having used flash since 2006)

Had a good time actually working on a game though and will perhaps finish this soon, it was a good attempt and I made a few friends, also might start getting more involved in animation again. Good stuff!

On another side note we got to use something called PIPELINE, an amazing collaboration tool that I highly suggest to anyone.

Here is a link to pipeline:

Was worth a try!

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  1. Hey Crash, can you send me the background? And what was all that talk about when I was not awake? I'd already finished programming, what were you guys talking about square objects and the turn based system?