8bit Video game Side Kicks

Ok so I decided to enter a sculpting challenge over at gameartisans.org

the challenge is to take an 8bit character of your choice based on a theme for that week. (This week is video game sidekicks, next week is favorite female game character)

I realized I wasn't entirely sure who all the sidekicks were in 8bit games so I decided to compile a list. The following is that list. Some of these might not seem like side kicks but I felt they were close enough.

(Note: the order of these does not imply importance or favorites)

1.Tails from sonic the hedgehog

2. Rush (megamans dog)

3. Lucca from chrono trigger

4. Bernard from maniac mansion

5. Toad from mario bros

6. Doc Louis from Punchout

7. Mr Saturn from Earthbound

8. Slippy from Starfox (or any of the other characters really)

starfox drawing by http://jaredcmorgan.deviantart.com/art/Peppy-Slippy-and-Falco-114273698

9. dog from duck hunt

10. Black mage from finalfantasy

11.  Error from legend of Zelda II

I want to get this sculpted by the end of the week. "yes that gives me 3 days or so" so I need to pick one of these and get started! gah! I may come back and pick through them to do another sculpture. I'd rather pick the ones that haven't already made it to 3d though such as toad on the list there.

Update! Decided on Black Mage. Here is a quick shot of the starter shape.


  1. I would vote for Rush since there is a lot that could be done with him from his many different functions (hover sled, spring board, etc...), or Doc Luis just because he's cool and has a chocolate bar.

  2. Hey cliff! yeah I like the black mage if I had free reign over the look but I have to do a faithful reproduction. Also it turns out it's just a "bust" so shoulders up. Rush or Doc luis would be better for that.

  3. Decided on Black Mage! added a progress shot to the bottom of this post.